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Lights, camera, clear heels and bikini… Browse through our wide selection of fabric, diamante connectors, cups, bottoms cuts, bust enhancers and most especially the crystals as we invite you to bring your bikini dreams to life. If you have a certain colour or style in mind, please choose the nearest match from our range and fill in the online order form. Once submitted please head on over to our online store where you may purchase all the other show day goodies that will ensure that your time on stage renders only the most sparkling memories!

4 EASY STEPS TO creating the magic

Do not panic. We know you are off your carbs and deciding on your bikini is a HUGE decision. Let us take you through the 4 easy steps:


Pick the colour and type of fabric that will bring your bikini to life. We have a wide range of local and imported fabrics for you to choose from.



Decide if you are going to use connectors for your bikini and choose from our wide range of diamante connectors to BLING your bikini out!



Select your cup option (2 to choose from) and bikini bottom cut depending on what federation your competition falls under.



Decide if you going to add a little or a lot of frosting to your beautiful bikini. Choose a crystal and the amount of hours you want on spent your bikini.


Why choose Magic Bikinis?

A bit of info about why you should shop with Magic Bikinis

Kathrine Fleur is a qualified Fashion Designer with extensive knowledge of fabrics, patterns and embellishments. World class service with detailed communication every step of the way throughout an order.

We have been manufacturing competition bikinis since 2008. Our first client was Tammy Jackson who went on to become one of South Africas first IFBB Pro’s.

Widest range of fabrics and diamante connectors under one roof – over 500 different fabrics sourced from all the corners of South Africa, as well as Italy, America and England.

We aim to do our best to keep every bikini we make unique from the next in its own special way. We are constantly on the hunt for new embellishments, fabrics and styles. Our work is always innovative!

Loving the MAGIC

My favourite place in the world! The most fun I have had all week and the team are so accommodating and caring.

Jade Warman

The ladies of Magic are so kind and helpful! Their standard is phenomenal! I would highly recommend them when considering your next show bikini!

Delaine Sardinha

I think they need to add more stars to rate this absolute amazing amazing amazing team I have ordered 3 bikinis and all of world class level… I trust Magic bikini to create my beautiful stage bikinis every time because they NEVER disappoint… VIBRANT, FUN and PASSIONATE people make up this incredible team… I recommend Magic bikini to everyone YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!

Sara Donne Rudiger

Kath and her magical team create the most beautiful bikinis with so much love . The quality is exceptional and I am always so so proud and honored to wear a Magic Bikini every time I step on stage.

Cayleen Lockey

You never get anything less than the best at Magic Bikinis! Perfect fit bikinis, kind staff, bubbly atmosphere. I always feel comfortable going in for my fittings. They are basically your one stop show shop! Magic bikinis along with their tanning products is my first and only choice when it comes to my comps!

Jamie-Lee Glazer

A Shout out for this amazing brand and team of people, with their professionalism and impeccable client service. It’s my first encounter with them and they made me feel like royalty. Not only does their product line make you look amazing but the treatment exceeds expectation and makes you feel cared about and important as an individual, your business is cherished. What a pleasure. Thanks to Katherine, Robyn & Claire your the best.

Chantel Du Plessis

our ambasadors

At Magic Bikinis we know our best form of marketing is when our the winners in the industry are WEARING the MAGIC

LeJean Ehlers

Roxy Amas
All-time SA Winner and now WBFF Pro

Angela Howden
IFBB Elite Pro

Stephanie Ayala
WBFF Pro USA and 2x Miss World Fitness Diva

Shannon Atkinson

Ashley Frost

Vivian Goosen
Multiple Miss Universe Winner and IBFF Pro

Alice Lee Giannetta

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