Crystal Designs

These photos are of some of our past creations and are just to give you an idea of ball park figures should you wish to add crystals to your bikini. These won’t be an exact amount… give or take a few for your creative inspiration, crystal colour and size choice. You are not limited to these designs in any way! Please send us your ideas as an attachment to the order form. Once we receive your order form with your choices and any photos you wish to attach, we will give you an official quote for your whole bikini. If there is glitter in your veins I suggest that you leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

Crystalling is charged at a rate of R450 per hour.

Sweet and Simple bikinis have been designed with cost saving in mind – however there is no reduction in the sparkle factor. Instead of using the metal diamante hip and neck connectors we have used beautifully sparkling crystals. Some designs use specific round and some use specific square shaped crystals. The crystals will always be these specific round or square type and will always be clear , but you can only agree that all the magical sparkle is definitely all still there.