Cup Options

1. Soft cups with thin foam removable insert

This cup is often recommended for Body Fitness, Physique and Figure type divisions in Ladies Bodybuilding. Smaller busted ladies may experience gaping in the firm foam push up cup sides with the compulsory ¾ poses. So, unless you have naturally full breasts or breast implants that can fully fit a push up foam cup, it is advisable that you choose the soft cup for these types of divisions. The soft cup, although it has no push up- has elastic on the sides and this helps the cup hug the body during ¾ poses and there is no gape. A full silicone bust enhancer will help to form a bit of cleavage in smaller busted ladies.

2. Padded push up triangle shaped foam cups

3. Underwire Bra Style top

Bra Measuring Guide (for the CORRECT size bra)

What your bra should look like:

A. Measure around the body directly under the bust while wearing a bra. This needs to be a fairly tight fit.

B. Measuring around the fullest part of the bust, while wearing a bra. This gives you the cup size.

The strap around your body should be firm but comfortable. If it is too loose and rides up your back, you are wearing too big a back size. The wires at the front should lie flat against your rib cage and should not rub against your skin, and your breasts should be enclosed in the cups with a smooth silhouette. If there is a bulging at the top or sides, or the wires are standing away from your chest, the cup size is probably too small.

If your bra fits properly, the weight of your breasts should be supported by the body of the bra and not only by the shoulder straps. If you’re finding that the shoulder straps dig in, it is likely that you are wearing an incorrect bra size. When you are trying a bra on, remember to adjust the shoulder straps to ensure that they are not to loose. When you have a bra on, you may need to adjust your breasts to make sure that they are in the cups properly. It’s also a good idea to try a T-shirt or top over the bra that you are wearing so that you can see the shape that the style of bra gives you.